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    in the form of spray is something different than the regular air freshener. It's a power of true perfume placed in small, elegant package. 
    The ammount of perfume in the composition reaches 15% when the regular air freshneners reach only 3-4%. Pure Perfum Line it takes only 2-3 uses to spray beautiful scent to your interior that will last for even 3 hours, and the efficiency of the whole spray might reach even 6 months. 

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  • Scent Fireplaces

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About us

The company is a unique producer of exclusive perfumes for home, office and hotels, which are known under the brand Pure Home Perfume. Our Company is unique, because we are totally committed to the art of inventing amazing scents that contribute in creation of an exceptional character of every interior.

High quality of painstakingly selected aroma compositions from Grasse in France, recognized in the world as a capital of fragrances, guarantees satisfaction and tremendous fragrance experience to every purchaser.

All fragrances are heavenly symphonies of luxurious interior aromas, wrapped in the attractive packaging.